Rays of Life was created to educate, empower and promote the development of individuals in our community. Rays of Life accomplishes this mission by using the means that are currently available and creating new strategies to increase the knowledge of the average person.

The saying that “Knowledge is power” is not always right. It takes the application of this knowledge to really accomplish something in life. Most people either have a little bit or a vast amount of knowledge available to them, but they do not have the incentive to put it to good use for themselves and the community. It takes a little push from those willing to help to motivate them to start using what they have.

In the Bible, when God called Moses to work for the liberation of the Jewish people. Moses believed that He did not have the required intellect to confront Pharaoh but God asked what he had in his hand? Moses replied, “A Cane.” With this, God instructed him to use it to deliver His people.

Moses did not have many tools, but he required a little push from God to let Him realize that He could part the Red Sea using just what he was holding in his hand.

We at Rays of Life believe that we need to start educating the meek and let them know that help is available from within themselves and what they have along with the faith principles established in the Word of God.

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